Baileigh Tube And Pipe Notcher TN-600

This abrasive tube notcher is a beast when it comes to chewing up metal. The TN-600 has a powerful 5hp motor that notches at full capacity with ease and only requires 220 volts of single phase power, so it can be used in almost all fabrication shops.

It features a 6″ x 79″ belt that spins at 5400 feet per minute. The large 6” belt width allows it to notch up to 3″ OD tubing at 60 degrees with optional mandrels.

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Baileigh Tube And Pipe Notcher TN-600

  • 6″ Abrasive type notcher
  • Utilizes 4″ or 6″ belts (6″ standard)
  • Lever feed (with adjustable stop)
  • Includes 1-1/4″ pipe size mandrel
  • Notches up to 3″ OD (with optional mandrel)
  • 220V single phase
Notching Capacity (OD) .75″ – 3″ (19.05mm – 76.2mm)
Angle Adjustment 0-60°
Belt Size 6″ x 79″ (152.4mm x 2006.6mm)
Belt Speed 5400 FPM
Motor HP 5 HP
Power Requirements 220V 1-Phase
Shipping Dimensions (LxWxH) 78″x48″x52″ (1981mm x 1219mm x 1321mm)
Shipping Weight 475 lb. (216 kg.)

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