AMS Quick-Loc Stop Measuring System

Simply squeeze the handle on the Quick-Loc Stop System, slide it into position, and release it. The teeth on the stainless steel stop align themselves to the teeth on the rail to give you exactly the dimension you set. Once set into place, the stop cannot slip!

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AMS Quick-Loc Stop Measuring System

  • The Quick-Loc version is available in Left-Hand & Right-Hand models.
  • Numerous accessories have been designed to customize this system to your special needs. A listing of the Options can be found under the Options tab.
  • It is available in increments of 1/16”, and in standard lengths of 5’,10’, 15’, 20’, and 25’. Longer lengths can be achieved by joining rails together.
  • Our exclusive teeth feature allows you to quickly set your Quick-Loc Stop using the built-in measure. In seconds, your work station is set up and locked in.

Please call for specifications of the AMS Quick-Loc Stop Measuring System 1 (800) 286-3624


Videos on the AMS Quick Loc Stop Measuring System


Options for the AMS Quick Loc Stop Measuring System:

Quick-Loc Arm

Enables you to cut several pieces together, at one time.

Joining of Rails Kit

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