An Ironworker is a compact, multi-functional machine that is considered the workhorse of the Steel Fabricating industry. They are an integral part of most fabrication shops, with its main advantage being the reduction in man hours and effort needed to shear or punch steel sections.

Most of Ironworkers have at least 4 stations and can shear flat plate, angle, round and square stock as well as punch plates, angles, I-beam and channel. Some have a station for notching and forming of different materials.

Depending on the manufacturer, ironworkers have optional accessories that can be added to the stations, or have rotating turret style tooling to fulfill additional functions. Some ironworkers come with an automated 2-axis X-Y table attachments.

Ironworkers come in both standard and deep throat versions, depending on the distance from the edge that you need to punch a hole.

The old mechanical ironworkers have been superseded by hydraulic ironworkers and all ironworkers currently manufactured are of the hydraulic type.

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