Baykal Hydraulic Press Brakes & Shears

The APHS Hydraulic Press Brake, the top of the line model of the servo hydraulic press brakes, is a multiple axis press brake providing a 2-D touchscreen graphical control. Press Brake options such as extra height, longer stroke, or even tandem, triplet and quad special designs are available. Bending tonnage ranges from standard sizes of 44 to 660 ton, and up to 6000 tons. Bending length is 4 feet to 60 feet. The APHS provides you any machine specifications you may need for your job.

The APHS Compact Servo Hydraulic Press Brake is a competitively priced Servo Hydraulic Press Brake. With up to a four axis capability, plus the ability to have CNC crowning as an option, it is our most popular press brake. The APHS Compact Press Brake standard models can handle 44 tons to 330 tons and lengths from 4 feet to 14 feet.

The APH Conventional Press Brake is simple hydraulic press brake for applications that do not require the features of a synchronized press brake. Economical, reliable and able to bend from 44 tons to 330 tons and 4 feet to 14 feet.

The HNC hydraulic shear is for those who require a full CNC controlled heavy duty shear, with feature rich options which provides shearing performance that no other CNC controlled shear can accomplish. Shearing capacity is 1/4-inch to 1-inch and shearing length is 10 foot to 20 foot, with longer sizes available upon request.

The MGH Hydraulic Shear is a heavy duty hydraulic swing beam design shear and for those who want to have a simple heavy duty shear with all of the required features. Shearing capacity is 1/4-inch to 3/4-inch and shearing length is 10 foot and 13 foot.

The RGS Mechanical Shear is a very reliable direct-drive guillotine shear for applications that require advanced features of a mechanical shear design at an affordable price. Shearing capacity is 10 and 12 gauge and shearing length is 5, 6, 8, and 10 foot.

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Baykal Hydraulic Press Brakes & Shears

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