Standard Industrial Metal Fabrication Equipment offers a complete line of 100% U. S. made hydraulic presses and shears for traditional and non-traditional production facilities. The management/owner team of Standard Industrial has been manufacturing hydraulic press brakes, presses and shears since 1967 and has thousands of machines in service all over the world.

Standard Industrial stands behind their machines with the best 5-year warranty available on the market today. Our unmatched 5 Year warranty covers all hydraulic presses and electric components, plus all bearings and assemblies and the structural integrity of the press for 5 years. This warranty is a firm testament to the dependability of all Standard Industrial equipment.

Even beyond our substantial warranty, all components on the press will be available to you locally for a lifetime supply of parts. Standard Industrial goes to great lengths to engineer all machines with “non-special” components. This means that in 20 to 30 years or longer you can simply refer to your owner’s manual or the component itself, find that components original manufacturers part number, call your local supplier and get the part you need

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We offer the following Standard Metal Fabrication Equipment:

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