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  • danny steyn road atlanta hoosier super tour 2023 checkered flag

    Steyn sets his 4th lap record of the 2023 season!

    Ocean Machinery President, Danny Steyn, has had an excellent start campaigning his Ocean Machinery Mazda MX-5 in the SCCA Super Touring Lite class this season. After the first[...]

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  • Avenger Plus routing wood

    AVENGER PLUS Used as a Carpenter’s Router

    Now we have seen everything! We always knew that the Ocean Avenger PLUS CNC Multifunction machine was the most versatile drill line on the planet, but this latest[...]

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  • anvil craft avenger plus

    Making Room for Unique Projects at Anvil Craft in Easton, PA

    Anvil Craft in Easton PA, understands that fabricating requires attention to detail and skillful execution to produce the finished piece. Like any fabricator looking to expand their business,[...]

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