• Provides exceptional accuracy of hole placement.
    • Very space efficient.
    • Simple and easy to operate.
    • No computer experience required.
    • Fully automatic measuring, layout and drilling cycle.
    • Fastest return on investment of all Ocean products.
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    CNC Beam Drill Line

    • Drills, Mills – Marks – Scribes – Threads – Counter-sinks - Counter-bores, and More!
    • Processes profiles up to 48” in height.
    • 8 position tool changer.
    • Automatic marking of all welded attachments.
    • Spindle moves 5” on X axis and 48” on Y axis w/part clamped.
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    • Simple and easy to operate.
    • Eliminates manual layout & punching of angles and flat bar.
    • Processes angle up to 6 x 6 x 5/8” and flat bar up to 6 x 5/8“.
    • Easily processes short clip angles and long bracing angles.
    • Fully automatic punching and shearing cycle.
    • Very space efficient – more compact than other angle lines.
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    • Automated welding of attatchments for structural steel.
    • Beams and columns up to 40” high.
    • Ideal for angles, stiffeners, gussets, fin plates, end plates
      and other standard parts.
    • Minimal maintenance required.
    • Compatible with Tekla & SDS2.
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    • Simple and easy to operate.
    • 5-axis fully articulated cutting torch.
    • Copes and cuts beams, channel, angle, plate, tube.
    • Cuts steel at speeds of up to 30 inches per minute depending on material thickness and hardness.
    • Automatic or manual in-feed and out-feed conveyors.
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    CNC Beam coper

    • Small footprint: 12 ft x 25ft of floor space and 13 ft headroom.
    • Handles a wide variety of shapes up to 40 inches high.
    • Produces surfaces up to White Metal Blasting SSPC SP5.
    • Completely integrated, requiring only in & outfeed conveyors.
    • Speed is easily adjusted to achieve the desired surface finish.
    • Full installation and training provided with purchase.
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    Shot Blasting System

    • Dual column – Dual miter.
    • Efficient cutting of all profiles and materials.
    • Laser guide for precise positioning.
    • Easy adjustment of feed rate and cutting system.
    • Hydraulic blade brush keeps the blade gullets clean.
    • Console can be positioned for operator viewing and safety.
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    Band Saw

    • Ensures easy profile alignment to drill line datum blocks.
    • Ideal for welding operation where profiles need rotating
    • Eliminates the need to tie up overhead cranes or forklifts.
    • Eliminates labor assistance in material handling.
    • Minimizes operator fatigue from heavy lifting.
    • Maximizes operator safety.
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    Beam Rotator

    • 3 component modular system. – Powered roller conveyors are available in 4′ and 9′ lengths.
      – Cross transfers are available in standard 20′ or 40′ lengths.
      – Remote Controlled Measuring system features a stop that
      is attached to the out-feed conveyor.
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    Material Handling


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