iVision - iV3 Extrusion Industrial Vacuums

Every vacuum of the Extrusion Line is equipped with an M Class filter. The M Class filter is a high-quality filter made especially for the Extrusion Line that enables the collection of at least 99.9% of the collected particles. Thanks to the innovation offered by the Extrusion Line, the time and cost of maintenance of your machines will be drastically reduced in relation to traditional methods.

The principle advantages of the Extrusion Line:

  • Possibility of semi or full automatic filter cleaning systems.
  • Touch screen to easily recognize the level of contamination of the filter.
  • Pneumatic gates with foot pedal to simultaneously work with several machines.
  • Possibility of adding additional chip containers of 132 or 264 gallon in order to continuously stock material without hindering production.
  • Cyclone pre-filters for pre-separating the collected material in order to elongate the lifetime of the M class filter.
  • Remote control option for start & stop of the vacuum cleaner done directly by the machine.
  • Optional rotary valve with continuous 24-hour functioning.
  • Wide range of accessories dedicated to every demand of the industry.
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We offer the following iVision Vacuum Products:

iVision - iV3 Extrusion Industrial Vacuums

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