Scantool Belt Grinders

Scantool industrial belt grinders are manufactured in 3- and 6-inch belt widths. Machines can be purchased with or without an exhaust system. All standard machines are equipped with a port for a central exhaust system. Standard features on all machines include a powerful drive motor, rubber contact wheel for rapid material removal, a top-mounted platen for polishing and deburring and a tool-free system for rapid belt changes.

Scantool has been a family-owned business since 1961. The founder has been producing quality machinery since that time and has branded the business into the Scantool Group which includes Scantool A/S, Arboga A/S, KEF-Motor A/S, HM Machinery A/S and Scantool Group APS.

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We offer the following Scantool Belt Grinders:

Scantool Belt Grinders

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