Amada Protector Band Saw Blades


Exclusive use for structural steel. Amada Protector provides long blade life and prevents tooth breakage, eliminating excessive tooth stripping. It can withstand the shock of interrupted cuts, allowing for heavier penetration for faster cutting rates. Protector uses a broaching style set pattern designed to eliminate pinching, which prevents the blade from binding the cut.

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Amada Protector Band Saw Blades


PROTECTOR added on the back face of the tooth tip suppresses excessive cutting and prevents continuous chipping from occurring.

  • Matrix High-Speed Steel Edge.
  • Unique Design Tooth Form.
  • Wide Set Available.
  • Positive Rake Tooth Angle.
  • Strong Tooth Profile.

As the tooth tip is made stronger, it endures impacts caused during intermittent cutting. At the same time, high cutting efficiency is assured.

The broaching style set pattern was designed to eliminate pinching, therefore preventing the blade from binding in the cut.

When a roll-formed large-size H-beam is cut, stress relieving may occur, pinching the blade. In order to prevent damage to the blade, a “WS” (Wide Set) is available for the PROTECTOR blades.

Additional information

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Amada Protector Blade Sizes

2-5/8 63 2/3 29'6", 2-5/8 x 63 3/4 29'6", 2-0/0 63 2/4 29' 6"

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