Atech Fully Automatic Circular Upcut Saw

Automatic 18″ Straight Upcut Saw with Auto Feeding (Servo System).

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  • 18″ (450 mm) carbide tipped saw blade.
  • Pneumatic spray mist lubrication system.
  • Infeed table 2 m (6.5′)
  • Air gun
  • User’s manual


Specific Capacities Of The Atech Crater-02 AP Circular Saw


  • Equipped with 18″ carbide tipped circular saw blade and servo automatic feeding system for cutting of all types of aluminum, hard plastics or similar material at 90° angle.
  • Servo motor saw blade feed with variable speed control to suit different profiles and materials.
  • Feeder speed is adjustable.
  • Material infeed is servo driven.
  • Stroke of feeder is adjustable from 5 mm to 600 mm (24″).
  • Multiple stroke adjustment is possible up to a maximum length of 9990 mm (33′).
  • Cutting accuracy is ± 0.1 mm.
  • PLC software controlled working process.
  • Capable of memory storage of previous job specifications (material diameter, length, infeed values).
  • Equipped with digital display for minimum wastage.
  • The upper guard is locked automatically during cutting operation for operator safety.
  • Equipped with air pressure drop sensor (when the air pressure drops under 3 Bar (45 psi) the saw moves to its start position).
  • Machine has been designed in accordance with CE, UL and CSA Safety Directives
Motor 4HP+(1HPx2) 3-Phase 220 V 60 Hz
Dimensions 64x45x50″
Weight 792 lbs

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