It doesn’t matter if your VW Bug changes into a robot from outer space or your ’58 Plymouth Fury is possessed. People love giving their vehicles names, it signifies our close connection to our machinery and after all – machines are alive… right?

Not long after McCombs Steel in Statesville, NC, got their Ocean Challenger Robotic Welder, they realized what an asset and valued employee it had become. Huh, “valued employee”? Yes, you heard me correctly. “Bruce”, as he is affectionately known around the shop, has been welding up a storm with minimal breaks, no lunch, and never calls in sick. Bruce the robotic welder was most recently named McCombs Steel’s Employee of the Month.

If you would like to have an employee like Bruce, give us a call 800-286-3624, or visit for more info.

Special Thanks to Adam at McCombs Steel for the footage of “Bruce” and his new rotators working an easy 168 hour shift.

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