Trusty 10-year-old Avenger saves the day!

Trusty 10-year-old Avenger saves the day!

More than 10 years ago, one of our customers, Crisp Bros. & Haywards, a company with a rich 60-year history of fabricating steel in Tasmania, Australia, purchased our Ocean Avenger CNC single spindle drill line.

Well, in the past 10 years, a lot of steel went through that machine, and as Crisp Bros. & Haywards grew from strength to strength, they looked at upgrading their machinery.

Recently they upgraded to a Peddinghaus XDM multispindle drill line, and were considering selling their trusty Avenger. But then they landed a job, drilling holes in rail sections. As we all know, rail is really hard and no matter what machine you do it on, it takes time to drill the holes.

Rather than occupy their new XDM with this arduous job, they moved the product onto their 10-year-old Avenger and it’s been knocking the job out the park.

And so they have come to the realization, like so many of our customers, that when you upgrade to a multispindle drill, you better hang on to your Avenger as there will be plenty of work that just does not lend itself to a multispindle. So many of our customers still use their Avengers even though they have a multispindle drill.

Oh, and why does a 10+ year old machine still work and look this good. Because its built by Peddinghaus 😉

Steel Avenged!

crisp bros & haywards original shop
Original Crisp Brothers shop from the 1960’s


hayward steel facility in western junction - ocean avenger drill line
One of the Hayward Steel facilities, this one in Western Junction


trusty 10 year old ocean avenger drill line
Trusty 10-year-old Ocean Avenger hard at work drilling holes in rail


ocean avenger cnc drill line looks great for 10 years old
You can tell that this Avenger has processed a LOT of steel, but still looks great!


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