USED Ficep 1001D Beam Drill Line

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USED Ficep 1001D Beam Drill Line

As you can see from the photos this is a USED Ficep 1001D Beam Drill Line in very good condition. Purchased new Dec 2002. Original owner has had the machine maintained each year by authorized repair technicians. Machine is capable of completing approx 25-30 beams a day. Single spindle can drill diameters from 7/16″ to 1 1/4″ using internal spray coolant. Machine travels on an included 60′-0″ foot bed. Drill line has a vertical clamp and horizontal drill feed. Comes with instruction & operating manuals along with “Steel Projects” CD containing the CNC to NC converters for 1001D programming language. Can be updated to connect to your server and receive programming via your office station or use manual memory card insertion.


All steel profiles up to a max. section volume of 1000 x x1000 mm (40″x40″)
Any length can be processed up to a Max . 18000mm, (60′-0″)
Max thickness that can be drilled: 30mm (1-1/4″)
Single spindle, single head holds 7/16″ dia drills thru 1 1/4″ dia drills using spray coolant.
Spindle rotation motor capacity: 4kw/6hp
Spindle speed 170-500 RPM
3 phase/460 volts, cycles 60Hz, 3 wires + ground


Hitachi SH4 Integrated with WINDOWS CE 3.0 operating system, upgraded.
TFT Screen with color LCD 10.4″
PC Industrial keyboard
Memory capacity 32 MB RAM
Graphic representation of part to be processed on TFT screen
Integrated network Ethernet Card
Upgrade to accept modem card
Dedicated processor for PLC function with a capacity of 5000 steps
PC MCIA port to upload programs


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