Dake Hydraulic Presses

Dake has been manufacturing hand operated, air operated, and electrically operated h-frame hydraulic presses since the mid 1940’s. Offered in single and double-acting, 10-200 ton capacities, these presses are built to last. Their hydraulic presses are ideal for assembly, straightening, fabrication, quality control, maintenance, product testing, bending, forming, punching and shearing. Every hydraulic press has a frame that is constructed of heavy-duty arc-welded steel and seamless steel cylinders to prevent leaks.

Dake offers a dependable, trouble-free hand-operated, manual, single-phase and three-phase hydraulic press for a wide range of steel fabrication applications. Dake has the right hydraulic press for every job and every budget.

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We offer the following Dake Hydraulic Presses:

Dake Hydraulic Presses

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