Ercolina Ornamental Bender

Ercolina is a worldwide leader for high quality bending and metalworking machinery. Ercolina Ornamental Bender machines are designed to provide fabricators with robust, affordable, reliable solutions to their bending and forming needs.

Cold end forming the end of tube and pipe is one of the most fascinating processes to watch. When applications call for the end of the tube to be expanded or reduced to fit inside the mating tube this is referred to as swaging. Many tubes have the elasticity to form, however each material should be evaluated for these characteristics to determine the percentage of swage possible. End forming the tube can also mean forming the end of the tube into a flange. Tube and pipe are often flanged to allow the tube to fit into a mating bracket or receptor. Flanging the tube eliminates weld joints and creates quick-to-assemble connections. Ercolina’s Hydraulic flanging machine offers easy change-over tooling sets. Tooling is made to accommodate the flare end degree anywhere to ninety degrees.

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Ercolina Ornamental Bender

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