Hougen Mag Drill HMD 934

With a two speed gear box and interchangeable gears for up to four speeds, the Hougen HMD 934 is an industrial duty mag drill that’s designed for heavy duty fabrication.

Ocean Machinery is proud to sell Hougen Magnetic Drills, one of the top magnetic drills available on the market. The Hougen line of magnetic drills is economical and versatile – there is a magnetic drill available for every need.

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Hougen Mag Drill HMD 934

  • Powerful motor with two speed gear box
  • Interchangeable gears for up to four speeds
  • Uses Hougen “12,000-Series” Annular Cutters
  • Pilot light for low light conditions
  • Two stage magnet
  • Positive slug ejection
  • Coolant bottle included – optional pressurized system available
  • More holding power with impactor points
  • Lift detector safety system
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Integrated motor/gearbox design with guide rails for a rigid compact design
  • Two year warranty
Electrical System 115V, 50/60 Hz – 13.5A, 1553W — 230V, 50/60 Hz – 6.75A, 1553W
Motor 12.5A (115V), 6.25A (230V), 70/120/200/332 RPM
Diameter 5/8″- 3-1/16″ (16mm – 77mm)
Depth 4″ (100mm)
Cutter/Mount 12,000-Series, 3/4″ shank
Dimensions 26-1/4″ H x 10″ W x 17-3/4″ L
(667mm H x 254mm W x 451mm L)
Magnet Base 5″ W x 7″ L (127mm x 178mm)

1″ (25mm) Plate
– Dead Lift: 2745 lb. (1245 kg)
– Drillpoint Breakaway: 1492 lb. (676 kg)

3/8″ (9.5mm) Plate
– Dead Lift: 1153 lb. (522 kg)
– Drillpoint Breakaway: 627 lb. (284 kg)

Weight 72 lb. (32.6 kg) • Shipping 94 lb (42.6 kg)

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Hougen annular cutters

Hougen “12,000-Series” Annular Cutters

The orignal mag drill annular cutter from which all others are measured. “12,000-Series” Cutters for Hougen’s line of Portable Magnetic Drills are available in M2 H.S.S., TiN coated M2 H.S.S. and Modified “12,000-Series” TiN coated Premium M42 H.S.S. in sizes 7/16″ thru 2-3/8″ (12mm – 60mm) diameters and 1 to 6″ (25mm – 152mm) depth of cut.

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