Fein Jancy Mag Drill – JMH1200

The Fein Jancy JMH1200 Hydraulic drill is designed for use underwater or anywhere a spark free environment is required. A permanent magnet and hydraulic motor eliminates the need for electrical components. The JMH1200 has been designed to operate at depths up to 450′. This drills tooling and parts are constructed of materials designed to resist corrosive environments. The drill can also be equipped with an electro-magnet if one is desired.

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Fein Jancy Mag Drill - JMH1200

  • Cast aluminum frame
  • Stainless steel arbor system
  • Permanent magnet
  • Gusseted aluminum construction motor mount
  • Char-Lynn hydraulic motor
  • 2″ diameter through 2″ material
Dimensions and Specifications:
Max Height 17-3/4″ (451mm)
Min Height 16-3/4″ (426mm)
Width 6-1/4″ (159mm)
Length 14″ (356mm)
Drill Point Breakaway 600 lbs on 1″ plate (272kg on 25mm plate)
Magnet Deadlift 1450 lbs on 1″ plate (658kg on 25mm plate)
Arbor Bore 3/4″ (19.05mm)
Cutter Diameter (max) 2″ (51mm)
Slugger Depth of Cut (max) 2″ (51mm)

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