Penetrator Drills Bits – Extended Lengths


The Ocean Penetrator is a taper shank twist drill bit specifically designed for fast productive drilling of structural steel profiles with CNC beam drill lines of all types. Our customers average anywhere from 300 to 500 holes per sharpening, and are able to get more than 100 sharpenings per drill bit. This yields in excess of 30,000 holes per drill bit resulting in significant savings and improved overall fabricating profitability.

The Penetrator features a chip breaker design that quickly breaks off the chips into small manageable pieces and avoids the long stringy chips that normally plague drill lines.

The Ocean Penetrator drill bits feature oil coolant holes that run through the drill bit to cool the center of the drill while it is drilling through all structural steel profiles including beams, channel, angle, plates, tube, etc.


Penetrator Drills Bits - Extended Lengths

  • Cobalt Steel – longer life – in our recent testing we were able to drill well over 500 holes before resharpening was required.
    Dramatically reduces costs.
  • Pre-sharpened to 170 degrees with raised tip – this is the ideal recommended tip for structural steel. No need for pre-sharpening.
  • It requires only a single-stage drill grinding procedure. This simplifies the resharpening and saves resharpening time
  • More than 500 holes between sharpenings
  • Should yield 50,000 holes per drill bit
  • Faster Drilling feed rates – The Ocean Penetrator works best at 7.1 in/min of feed rate – almost 20% faster than regular twist drill bits. This results in faster drilling times.
  • Chipbreaker point – eliminates long stringy chips that clog swarf bins and fly all over the shop.
  • No grinding required on the exit of the hole with properly sharpened drills – dramatically reduces costs.
  • Direct access to sophisticated technical support. Ocean Machinery provides you with direct access to the manufacturers’ tech support hot-line.

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Extended Length Drill Bit Size

9/16", 11/16", 3/4", 13/16", 7/8", 15/16", 1", 1-1/16", 1-1/8"

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