Project Tool and Dies


Using specific tool and dies, fabricators can utilize ironworkers, hydraulic presses, and punch presses to do simple notching operations

Project tool and die manufactures a range of notching tool and dies. Notching is an accurate and economical way for the fast and speedy end preparation of tubing or pipe.

Notches will be virtually distortion free (ideal for silver soldering or brazing.)

Punch will notch from inside out. Tubing or pipe will be supported by accurately contoured die-sections.

For first cut slip tubing or pipe over punch, then cycle press. For second cut rotate tubing or pipe 180°. Line up first cut with punch and outside contour with die-section, then recycle press. No extra finishing will be required.

Tool and dies available to punch multiple, simultaneous slots, holes and notches into all types of tubing.

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