The Ocean SLINGER – the simplest and most affordable beam and column rotator

The Slinger Beam Rotator lifts and rotates your heavy beams and columns, without the use of overhead cranes or forklifts, and allow your fitters and welders to function autonomously, significantly improving your fit and weld efficiency, your overall productivity and profitability.

Stop wasting time waiting for the crane

All you have to do is spend some time watching your fitting and welding stations, and you soon realize that so much of your fitter and welder’s time is wasted waiting for the overhead crane or forklift to turn-over heavy beams and columns.

Sure there are several beam rotators on the market but they are large, heavy and super expensive. The Ocean SLINGER is not. It is a superbly simple solution that does it faster, and requires a significantly smaller capital outlay.

The Ocean Slinger Beam Rotator comes in two standard sizes, a 4 Ton and a 6 Ton, and these two sizes handle about 99% of all structural beam and column welding. If you need something special, please ask as we have many custom solutions available.

Using a rugged hand-held remote control, your welder activates the SLINGER’s internal hydraulic unit to activate pistons that lifts elevates the machine column with the slings attached. That lifts the beam off the work trestles, and allows your operator to rotate the part to any inclination and height that makes it more comfortable and ergonomic for him to fit and weld throughout the shift.

The Ocean Slinger is a durable heavy-duty quality machine, built to the highest safety standards, and features standard off-the shelf hydraulic and electrical components for fast and easy servicing. Supported by Ocean Machinery’s legendary after sales service!


  • Heavy duty rugged design
  • Beautifully designed and manufactured
  • Hand-held remote makes lifting and rotating parts really simple
  • Lifts and rotates heavy beams and columns
  • Exceeds all international safety standard including C€
  • Improves worker morale, safety and efficiency!
  • Frees up overhead crane and forklift to do other tasks
  • Improves fitting and welding efficiency
  • Significant improvement in profitability
  • Off-the-shelf parts allows fast and easy maintenance


Round Profile Max 48″
Square Profile Max 34″
Rectangular Profile Max 32″ x 12″


Round Profile Max 70″
Square Profile Max 49″
Rectangular Profile Max 69″ x 12″

Who is the ideal customer for the Ocean SLINGER?

  • The SLINGER was designed to help fabricators lift and rotated heavy profiles without relying on heavy cranes
  • Anyone who needs long profiles lifted and rotated
  • Anyone who cares about the safety and health of their workforce, wants to reduce the chances of injury or accidents, and limit exposure
  • Anyone who has several fitters and welders tacking and welding beams, columns and long profiles of varying lengths. Profiles can be pipe, beams, columns, channel, plate, trusses and more
  • Anyone who does not have enough cranes to keep everyone fitting and welding all the time, someone is always waiting for the crane

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions

Can the SLINGER be run on 110V single phase?

No, it cannot. It needs 3-phase 460v/480v to drive the hydraulic unit which powers the lifting cylinders as well as the direct drive rotational motor

How much electrical power is needed?

The SLINGER needs 3KW

How do you load the SLINGER / Trestles?

Trestles are typically loaded with an overhead crane or forklift

Do you offer work trestles as an option?

No, we do not but we can supply drawings, but honestly any type of saw horse will do as long as the height is not too tall and not too low. If they are too tall, then the Slinger will not be able to rotate the part without interference, and it they are too low, the SLINGER will not be able to lift the part sufficiently to rotate it

What is the ideal height of the work trestles?

  • For the OSL4T the trestles need to be 31.5” tall (800mm)
  • For the OSL6T the trestles need to be between 23.5” and 29.5” (600-750mm)

How high does the SLINGER lift the profile off the trestles?

  • Vertical lift height for OSL4T = 23”
  • Vertical lift height for OSL6T = 39″

What is the maximum weight of profile that can be picked up by the SLINGER?

Please see the Specifications tab, for all the specs

What is the maximum size of profile that can be rotated?

Please see the Specifications tab, for all the specs

What material is used to make the Slings?

The slings are made from Heavy Duty Polyester that meets EN14921 and CE Specifications. Each individual sling can support 6,600lbs

Does the SLINGER need to be bolted to the floor

The SLINGER is self-supporting and does not need to be secured to the floor, as long as the floor is even and level. This allows the SLINGER to be moved in and out to accommodate beams of varying lengths

The Ocean Slinger Beam Rotator is supplied with a 12 months warranty on parts other than normal wear and tear under proper usage. This is a very simple machine to maintain and most maintenance can be done by the customer.

The office hours for Ocean Machinery are 8am to 5pm Eastern Time, and we are intimately familiar with all aspects of the machine and we welcome your technical support calls.

Call Ocean Machinery Technical Service at (800) 286-3624

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