Ocean Terminator 1825 – Dual Column, Dual Miter Band Saw

The Ocean Terminator 1825 Dual Column Dual Miter Band Saw is the newest of the Ocean Terminator range of band saws. It is specifically designed for structural steel fabricators to handle the larger beams and profiles, and the heaviest sections that structural steel fabricators cut on a daily basis.

The Terminator 1825 can miter to 60 degrees in both directions. It also has a very useful optional powered lift roller to help un-pinch blades and to assist moving heavy material over the saw datum block.

The ability to miter cut both directions significantly reduces the material handling time, further improving your profitability.

  • Laser-guide to assist lining up the material
  • Digital feedback display of miter angle and blade speed
  • Dual vises provide material clamping on both sides of the blade
  • Overhead clamp to support bundle cutting, increasing rigidity and improving cutting accuracy
  • A powerful 15hp/9.2kw motor is mounted directly to a two stage gearbox.
  • An AC inverter drive provides a large range of blade speeds, ensuring efficient cutting of all profiles and materials.
  • The direct down-feed system allows easy adjustment of the feed rate and cutting system.
  • Three coolant pumps to ensure high coolant flood to cool down the blade and wash away chips.
dual column miter band saw

Powerful & Fast

  • A 15hp variable frequency motor coupled to the gearbox provides fast efficient cutting for all applications.
  • The dual-cylinder hydraulic down-feed system with adjustable feed-rate and feed-force ensures the fastest effective cutting speed with the longest blade life.

Straight & Accurate

  • Cast iron arms equipped with carbide insert guides provide excellent vibration dampening for longer blade life and cutting accuracy.
  • The moveable arm opens and closes together with the material vise.

Positive Clamping

  • The dual vises provide material clamping on both sides of the blade, and positively grip the material at any miter angle.
  • All Terminator Dual-Column Band Saws are equipped with a plunger-style overhead clamp, reducing cutting vibration on large structural shapes, increasing cutting accuracy.

Simple to Operate and Maintain

  • The powered automatic blade tension mechanism, powered blade cleaning brush, dual coolant systems, wash-down hose and other features make machine use simple and easy for the operator.
  • Additionally the hydraulic power pack is mounted on a pull-out frame in the saw base for easy access to all components.

Improved Functionality

  • A work lamp illuminates the cutting area and the projected laser line allows the operator to quickly line up the saw cut.

Semi Automatic Mode

  • Selecting this mode makes life easy! This will start the cutting cycle that automatically moves the saw to the correct first miter-angle setting, automatically closes the material vise with the attached guide arm, automatically starts the saw blade and feed, and at the end of the cut, automatically stops the blade and raises the saw head, and opens the vise. Then it automatically moves the saw to the second miter angle setting, and completes the part.

Intuitive Interface

  • The operator’s control panel is simple to use and features the familiar HydMech control interface.
  • The digital screen shows blade speed, miter angle, amperage draw, coolant level, machine condition, function mode, number of cuts and more, providing measuring feedback to the operator.
DCM 18/25 Capacities Rectangular Square Round
Straight Cut 90 degrees 18″ x 25″ (450 x 650mm) 18″ x 18″ (450 x 450mm) 18″ (450mm)
45 degrees Right & Left 18″ x 16″ (450 x 400mm) 16″ x 16″ (400 x 400mm) 16″ (400mm)
60 degrees Right & Left 18″ x 10″ (450 x 250mm) 10″ x 10″ (250 x 250mm) 10″ (250mm)
Blade Size 22′ X 1-1/2″ X .050″     (6700±20 x 41 x 1.3mm)
Blade Speed 50-492 fpm (15-150 mpm)
Blade Drive Motor 15 HP (9.2 kw)
Hydraulic Tank Cap. 6.5 US gallons (24.5 L)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 130″ x 134″ x 91″ (3300 x 3400 x 2312mm)
Shipping Dimensions 83″ x 134″ x 93″ (2100 x 3400 x 2350mm)
Table Height 37″ (938mm)
Weight 7275 lbs (3300 kg)

The Ocean TERMINATOR DCM18/25 is a solid heavy duty band saw designed for fast cutting of large steel profiles up to 25″ (650mm). This is the smallest saw in our lineup. Consider the following questions and determine if this machine fits your needs:


  • Do you have to cut steel beams, angles, tubes, or channel?
  • Do you have a steel service center perform this cut-to-length service for you? Or do you do this yourself with a band saw or cutting torch?
  • Are you sick and tired of waiting for your steel to arrive from the steel service center, all the while seeing your profits erode with the overtime that you have to use to get the job out on time?
  • Are you sick and tired of how slow your saw is cutting your steel beams?
  • Do you hate to see the manual grinding that goes on when your men cut your steel beams to length with a cutting torch?
  • Wouldn’t you love to have a fast economical way of cutting steel to length?
  • Are you limited by the amount of capital that you can invest in a band saw?
  • Do you have to turn away big jobs because you cannot physically cut the larger and heavier profiles?
  • Do the larger General Contractors skip your company when sending out the bids because you cannot process a large structural job or beam job fast enough?
  • Do you struggle to find good quality fabricating labor when you land a large job, and do you have use valuable skilled labor to train your new recruits?
  • Do you feel your competitors are throwing out insanely low numbers to land the work?
  • Are you finding that you are struggling to make any money on the jobs you land – those jobs that you bid low enough to get leave, no you profit at all?
  • Do you want to make more PROFIT?


If you answered YES to any of the questions above you are a prime candidate for the outstanding Ocean TERMINATOR Band Saws.

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions


What is the target market for this machine?

The Ocean Terminators are designed for customers who require fast cutting of large steel profiles including beams, channel, angle, flat bar, and round pipe. Typically industries include structural steel, engineering and job shops, rail and transport companies, truck and frame rails, skid manufacturers, and more.


What type of blades does the Ocean Terminator band saw use?

All band saws are only as good as the band saw blade that is used. Buying cheap blades really kills a good saw. Ocean recommends Lennox band saw blades. These blades give the longest life, cut through steel the fastest and give the fabricator the lowest cost per cut.


What type of coolant is used on the Ocean Terminator Band Saws?

The Ocean Terminator band saws are supplied with two coolant systems. The preferred system is the MQL or Minimum Quantity Lubrication misting system that automatically releases a tiny amount of atomized vegetable oil to lubricate and cool the blade. This provides the longest blade life and prevents coolant from running off long beams and puddling on the floor. For very heavy and thick material it is sometimes preferable to use the flood coolant system

How much training is provides with the Ocean Terminator Band Saws?

The local dealer representative that sold you your machine will provide your start up training. This typically takes around 4 hours which will be sufficient for your operator to learn about all the features and operation of the saw, as well as teach him how to replace the blades and do simple preventative maintenance work.


How simple is the Ocean Terminator Band saw to operate?

All Ocean Terminators are incredibly simple to operate and no prior band saw experience is required.

All Ocean Terminator band saws are simple to operate

  • Measure the length to be cut, either manually by putting a chalk mark on the steel, or use the Eliminator Measuring System.
  • Set the miter angle on the saw and the machine will move to the desired miter angle and lock in place
  • Jog the steel through the saw and line up the chalk line with the laser
  • Close the vices, and hit the Start button.
  • The saw will complete the cut, and automatically withdraw the blade when complete
  • When using the Semi-Automatic Mode, the cutting cycle automatically moves the saw to the correct first miter-angle setting, automatically closes the material vise with the attached guide arm, automatically starts the saw blade and feed, and at the end of the cut, automatically stops the blade and raises the saw head, and opens the vise. Then it automatically moves the saw to the second miter angle setting, and completes the part.

eliminator material handling system

Material Handling Equipment

The options for these band saws are material handling equipment such as in and out-feed roller conveyors and cross transfer tables if required. Ocean Machinery offers a full range of precision engineered band saw material handling components, allowing you to easily customize your material handling system to your specific needs. Our material handling systems comprise modular components that are heavy-duty, hydraulically powered and simple to operate. You can create your own band saw material handling system choosing from

  • Idler roller conveyors, in-feed and out-feed
  • Powered in and out-feed roller conveyors
  • Powered lift-and-carry cross-transfer systems
  • Measuring system

Our modular approach to material handling makes it simple to integrate your Ocean Terminator Band Saw with your fabricating machinery including beam drill lines, beam coping machinesshot blasting machines and more.

dual column miter band saw blades

Band Saw Blades

Any band saw is only as good as the quality of the band saw blade, and for this reason, Ocean Machinery recommends Lennox blades. Ocean Machinery keeps all Ocean Terminator Band Saw Blades in stock for immediate delivery.

The Ocean Terminator Band Saws are built by HydMech, the industry leader in band saws in North America. The Ocean Terminator Band Saws are manufactured in Canada and most parts are off-the-shelf for immediate delivery.

dual column miter band saw

The local Dealer who made the sale, is responsible for assisting the owner in the initial machine installation, and provides warranty labor for the first 90 days, and is the point person for tech support.

Additional support is always available from HydMech and Ocean Machinery.

HydMech Technical Support

Call Toll Free (877) 276-7297 or (519) 537-2103 and follow the prompts for either the Technical Support or Parts Departments

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