Steelmax D1 Low Profile Mag Drill

The D1 Low Profile is an ultra-low profile mag drill, that fits in the tightest of work spaces. It is a perfect solution for any applications in confined spaces, where typical mag drills are too large. A powerful motor and strong, electromagnetic base enable drilling of holes up to 1-7/16″ (36 mm) diameter to a depth of up to 1-3/16″ (30 mm).

The D1 Low Profile Mag Drill accepts both TCT and HSS cutters as well as twist drill bits with a standard 3/4″ Weldon shank.

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Steelmax D1 Low Profile Mag Drill

  • Ultra low profile mag drill (only 7″ tall) with electromagnetic base
  • Extremely low weight – only 21 lbs (9.5 kg)
  • 1-7/16″ (36 mm) diameter x 1-3/16″ (30 mm) depth of cut with annular cutters
  • Accepts Weldon Shank twist drill bits up to 1/2″ diameter
  • Over 1-1/2″ stroke (39 mm)
  • Integrated swarf guard
  • Convenient lifting handle for easy transportation
Voltage 110-120V – 50-60 Hz
220-240V – 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption 1000 W
Voltage 115V 60 Hz – 230V 50 Hz
Power Consumption 1000 W
Motor Power 920 W
Arbor Size 3/4″ Weldon Shank (19mm)
Max Hole Diameter 1-3/8″ (36mm)
Max Depth of Cut 1-3/16″ (30mm) with TCT Cutters
13/16″ (20mm) with HSS Cutters (up to 1″ with optional long quill assembly)
Cooling System External
Electromagnetic base holding force
(1″ thick plate with surface and roughness Ra = 1.25)
2000 lbs
8,900 N
Electromagnetic base dimensions 3-9/16″ x 7-1/16″ x 1-1/2″ (90mm x 180mm x 38.5mm)
Magnetic Field Shape Control (MFSC) Yes
Stroke 1-1/2″ (39mm)
Spindle speed under load 350 rpm (115V)
370 rpm (230V)
Minimum work piece thickness 1/4″ (6mm)
Machine Height 7″ (176mm)
Weight 21 lbs (9.5 kg)

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