Baileigh Mandrel Benders

Baileigh Mandrel Benders are built so they are user-friendly and tough to last, even with daily use. The mandrel benders range from low level productivity to high productivity.

When is a Mandrel Necessary?

When a tube is bent, the outside wall of the tube collapses or thins out, and the inside of the tube compresses and wrinkles.

The minimum tool requirements for rotary draw bending are the center former bend die around which the tube is bent, and a counterbending die to hold the tube in place as it bends. Satisfactory bends are achieved using a center former and counterbend die when bending pipe or tubing with a heavy wall or a large centerline radius. When bending thin wall tube use of a mandrel and wiper die are necessary. The mandrel minimizes the amount of ovality that occurs on the tube while the wiper die eliminates wrinkles on the inside radius of the tube.

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We offer the following Baileigh Mandrel Benders:

Baileigh Mandrel Benders

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