Baileigh Universal Tube Bender MPB-275

The MPB-275 high speed universal bender is truly a do it all machine when it comes to draw bending metal.

This multi purpose machine hase the ability to do tight hook bending, scrolling, and even rotary draw bending up to 1-1/4″ schedule 40 pipe.

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Baileigh Universal Tube Bender MPB-275

  • FAST! 5 second 180 degree bend speed
  • 6 RPM output max
  • Includes bend pins (2″ tall) – 3.0 IR, 2.5 IR, 2.0 IR, 1.5 IR, 1.25 IR, 1.0 IR, 0.625 IR
  • Includes universal bending plate with 4 hardened lock pins
  • Includes tight nose bending tool
  • Includes roller bending tool
  • Includes one rotating stop and one fixed stop
  • Includes adapter to run STD dies and counter dies
  • Standard RDB-250 controller
  • Includes 4 shear pins
Solid Square Capacity 1″ x 1″
Solid Round Capacity 1″
Degree of Bend (Max) 9999°
Mild Steel Solid Rod 1/2″ x 2″ Easy Way
Mild Steel Pipe Schedule 40 1-1/4″
Bend Direction Bi-Directional
Power 220V Single Phase
Shipping Weight (lbs.) 750
Max. RPM 6 RPM
Shipping Dimensions 60″ x 44″ x 68″



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