Baileigh Pipe and Tube Benders

Baileigh Pipe and Tube Benders are compact and versatile, with a model to fit every need and budget.

The RDB Model 100 tube bender will allow you to ratchet with a true rotary draw bender up to 2 inch tubing. The ratcheting can be shut off and the machine can be used as a hand bender for smaller tubing with thinner wall thicknesses.

The RDB Hydraulic Pipe Bender Line consists of the famous and original RDB Model 150 tubing bender and RDB Model 500 tube bender. This unique design developed by RDB uses rotary compression bending in combination with rotary draw bending to produce perfectly round and smooth bends without a mandrel for tubing up to 4 inch and pipe up to 3 inch Schedule 40.

The vast lineup of RDB programmable tube and pipe bender machines include simple one program bending machines and more sophisticated machines capable of storing hundreds of tube bending programs with up to 20 bends per program. Our programmable pipe bender machines can also be fitted with a rotary positioning table for producing multiple bends on varying planes.

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Baileigh Pipe and Tube Benders

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