Improving Productivity with the Avenger PLUS

Improving Productivity with the Avenger PLUS

Avenger PLUS CNC drill line Avenger PLUS CNC drill line

Ocean customers and prospects are opening our eyes to the Avenger PLUS’ diverse processing capabilities for manufacturers using  steel and or aluminum profiles in their products.

Truck & Trailer Chassis Manufacturing:

The manual layout and hand-burning of (channel) cross-member supports  into  frame rails (wide flange beam) can take 2-3 hours per chassis.  The Avenger PLUS eliminates manual layout, improves quality & accuracy, while performing this same task in under 20 minutes –  without any grinding & cleanup!

















Crane & Monorail  Track Manufacturing:

Aluminum Extrusions are more accurately drilled and milled in rapid succession with the Avenger PLUS resulting in a more  accurate fit-up and better appearance than done with traditional hand tools.













FABRICATION on AVENGER PLUS in a fraction of the time:


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