New Ocean Challenger Robotic Welder at work on the Sunshine Coast of Australia

New Ocean Challenger Robotic Welder at work on the Sunshine Coast of Australia

Coasteel Engineering, situated on the Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane Australia, have been making a name for themselves in structural steel fabrication. Back in March of 2020, owners Dave Slatter and Jen McIntyre, along with their son Jarrod, all new to the structural steel game, took a plunge and invested in the Ocean Avenger PLUS CNC drill line. Within months of the installation, they could see the difference that this machine was making to their bottom line.

dave and jarrod slatter

Dave & Jarrod Slatter – Coasteel Engineering, AU

coasteel avenger plus

Ocean Avenger PLUS at Coasteel Engineering

Avenger PLUS drilling angle

Avenger PLUS drilling long pieces of angle

The Avenger PLUS was their first step in their journey from the all-manual shop they used to be, into the formidable Sunshine Coast CNC fabricator that they have become in recent years. To cap this off, in May of 2023, they added the revolutionary Ocean Challenger CNC Robotic Welder to their arsenal and recently finished commissioning this machine that they have named “Kevin”.

challenger at coasteel

Ocean Challenger Robotic Welder – Coasteel Engineering, AU

challenger welded beam

Attachments welded by Ocean Challenger

challenger welded beam

As with all new machinery there is always a learning curve, but the word is that their operators Brodie, Andrew and Darren, as well as Jarrod have quickly mastered the Challenger and we cannot wait to see what they do in the coming years. Always great to see a company chasing their dreams.

coasteel crew

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