Eagle Angle Roll CP20

VERSATILE & PORTABLE EAGLE CP20: This Bench Top Three Roll Universal Bender allows you to roll small to tight profiles as well as large bending diameters and benefit from the Renowned Eagle Quality and Durability. This unit is also small enough to be easily portable and is excellent for coiling operations.

Our CP20 Pyramid Type Roll Bender has More Standard Features than any machine this size. They are complete LED Digital Readouts, Powered Roll Rotation, Universal Tooling Set, Lateral Material Guides, Overload Protection and More!

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Eagle Angle Roll CP20


Our Solid Steel Main Frames, CNC Machined and Stress Relieved, eliminate troublesome castings and come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. All CP20 Models have Large, High-Brightness LED Readouts to monitor the bending roll position for precision repeatability.

Our standard Universal Roll Set of 15 Components is manufactured from Hardened Tool Steel 55 HRC so you can roll-bend most all standard profiles the day your machine arrives. Roll set-up fast and easy. They rapidly fit onto .787? O.D. (20mm) Hardened Steel Shafts journaled in Dual Tapered Roller Bearings. Both lower shafts have Powered Rotation for forward and reverse rolling. Lower shaft tooling has knurled surfaces for Enhanced Traction. Top shaft is idle and tooling components are smooth surfaced. The patented Z-Block Top Journal Increases Rigidity for truer to plane rolling and moves on 4 Hardened/Sinterized Guides & Ways with Dual Adjustable Gibbs

The Adjustable Lateral Material Guides are used to create coil pitch or correct parts that tend to twist. Guides have Dual Rake Angle Settings to ensuring contact against the part when rolling or coiling to tight diameters.

Material CP20
1-1/4″ ?8″
1-3/4″x3/8″ ?12″
1/2″ ?6″
1″ ?8″
1″ ?10″
1-1/4″ ?10″
1-1/4″ ?12″
1/2″ ?5″
1/2″ ?14″
1″ ?16″
3/4″x1/16″ ?12″
Bending Adjustment M
Driven Rolls 2
Rolling Speed FPM 10
Working plane Vertical
Repeat Control LED READOUT
Installed Power HP 0.44
Approx. Dimensions V13″X24″X17″H
Approx. Shipping Wt Lbs. 240

Please call for more information about EAGLE ANGLE ROLL CP20 1 (800) 286-3624


Please call for more information about EAGLE ANGLE ROLL CP20 1 (800) 286-3624

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