Eagle Angle Roll CPD80

EAGLE CPD Series Benders are HEAVYWEIGHT, High Capacity Double Pinch Hydraulic Universal Section and Angle Rolls with Premium Features. The CPD80 is standard with efficient hydraulic powered rotation, 3 Driven Rolls, Programmable Dual LED Readouts, fully Universal Modular Telescoping Tooling, 6 Way Lateral Guides, Horizontal/Vertical Operation and a host of other beneficial features.

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Eagle Angle Roll CPD80


We achieve the highest level of versatility by coupling the double pinch design with longer travel on the lower rolls. This permits optimum pre-bending while offering a wider maximum roll opening for larger material cross sections. Longer, Larger Shafts and large roll diameters further increase the machines profile range. No other machine compares.

CPD Main Frames are made from solid heavy steel plate, fabricated into Single Piece Weldments, which are then Stress Relieved and CNC Machined. This design Eliminates Frame Torque and evenly distributes bending stress for maximum machine life. We use No Castings in our machine frames.

Alloy Steel Hardened & Ground Shafts are journaled in Multiple Race Dual Tapered Roller Bearings for low maintenance and efficiency. Universal Modular Telescoping Tooling arranges rapidly and easily on the roll shafts to bend most all standard profile cross sections. All 3 shafts are driven for maximum traction. Tooling components are smooth surfaced, non-marring and Induction Hardened to 55 HRC for durability.
Heavy Duty Lateral Material Guides are adjustable in all 3 planes and are used to guide, induce pitch for coils or prevent inherent twist of some materials when rolling. Cam rollers are supplied for rolling angle leg-in.

Material CPD80
1 4″x9/16″  ? 32″
1  5″x1″  ?26″
1 2″


1 3″x3/8″  ?40″
1 3″x5/16″  ?40″
1 3″x3/8″  ?32″
1 3″x3/8″  ?36″
1 5″x2″  ?40″
1 5″x2″  ?40″
1  2″


1 3″


1 4″x12ga. ?50″
1 2-1/2″ x5/32″ ?80″
1 3″x1-1/2″ x0.120″
Dbl. Pinch Hyd.
Driven Rolls 3 Hyd Drive
Speed FPM
Power HP
Wt Lbs.

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Hydraulic Powered Adjustment on Lateral Material Guides and LED Readouts on the Guide Axial Thrust Movement are optional on the CPD80.

Eagle maintains a large inventory of Optional Tooling for our various machine models. We design and manufacture tube and pipe roll sets as well as custom rolls in steel or polymer for special applications and extrusions.

For rolled formed shapes and aluminum extrusions, send profile drawings along with your application parameters for a free quote on custom tooling to fit any of our machines.

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