HEM Wide Flange Band Saw

WIDE FLANGE HEM BAND SAW SERIES – These band saws are monster band saws designed specifically for band saw cutting of wide flange beams. Since their release several years ago, these HEM band saws have excelled in cutting structural shapes & bundles by giving customers incredibly fast cut times, extended blade life and amazing accuracy. Band Saw cutting capacities range from (18-25″) high to (27-50″) wide, handling all your band saw cutting needs.

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HEM Wide Flange Band Saw



All DC-Series saws feature a “TRUE” dual column design.  The heavy duty columns are widely spaced for greater strength and stability.  Cylinders are easily accessible for routine preventative maintenance, which  adds to the life of the saw.


The massive heads of the dual column saws are controlled with a counterbalance shaft so there is no shift of gravity as the head moves up and down.  Cam followers guide the saw downfeed travel precisely through the cutting area of the material.


The head is canted at a 9.2 degree angle for slicing through structural shapes.  The steep angle stress relieves i-beam, which prevents pinching of the blade.  The steep angle is equally great for bundles, as the blade addresses less material over a more uniform amount of time.


Flat carbide guides provide solid support to each side of the blade, increasing the stability of the blade through the material  Guides are ground and relieved towards the twist of the blade to make the transition into the perpendicular position easy on the blade. 


The heavy duty feed systems for automatic bar feed saws feature accurate feed lengths and a variety of feed lengths to 144″ per stroke. 


Full stroking bi-directional vises and heavy duty top clamping come standard with  infinitely variable clamping pressure to approximately 1,500 lbs.  The bi-directional vise system allows both vises to open creating a large pathway for material to move through. 

G. The simplicity of the control keeps the sawing process easy for operators, wile giving flexibility in attacking different metals with adjustable cutting pressures and feed rates.

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WF130HM-DC 18″ x 27″ (W) 1-1/2″ 10 HP
WF130HA-DC-C 18″ x 27″ (W) 1-1/2″ 10 HP
WF140HM-DC 20″ x 44″ (W) 2″ 10 HP
WF160LM-DC 25″ x 30″ (W) 1-1/2″ 15 HP
WF160LA-DC-C 25″ x 30″ (W) 2″ 15 HP
WF190M-DC 25″ x 40″ (W) 2″ 15 HP
WF190A-DC-C 25″ x 40″ (W) 2″ 15 HP
WF190LM-DC 25″ x 44″ (W) 2″ 15 HP
WF190LA-DC-C 25″ x 44″ (W) 2″ 15 HP
WF190MRB-DC* 25″ x 40″ (W) 2″ 15 HP

Please call for more information about WIDE FLANGE HEM BAND SAW 1 (800) 286-3624


Please call for more information about WIDE FLANGE HEM BAND SAW 1 (800) 286-3624

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