Geka Ironworkers

The GEKA ironworkers can be used by one worker in up to four working stations for punching, notching, shearing flat bars and cutting angles. Geka’s one-cylinder punching and shearing machines include three different series of Geka ironworker—the Microcrop Series, the Minicrop Series, and the Multicrop Series—all of which can perform punching, notching, cutting and shearing operations.

Each series carries different models that vary in punching power and other specifications. Additionally, Geka one-cylinder punching and shearing machines can also be factory-fitted with certain optional accessories. This makes it easy to suit our punching and shearing machines to your specific manufacturing requirements.

Geka two cylinder ironworkers (Hydracrop Series) allow two operators to use these ironworkers simultaneously in 5 workstations, each of them dedicated to different ironworking tasks: punching, notching, shearing flat bars, angle cutting and shearing round and square bars..

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We offer the following Geka Ironworkers:

Geka Ironworkers

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