KMT H5-SA Semi-Automatic Band Saw

Model H5SA is a semi-automatic double column, canted head bandsawing machine. With a full 20″ vise opening the H5SA makes quick work of beams up to size W18. The machine miters 0-60 degrees in both left and right, and is perfectly counterbalanced for extremely easy mitering both directions. The scale is large and easily read for max accuracy at any angle.

All functions are fully hydraulic, with free-standing operators console that may be conveniently placed in the most advantageous operator location.

Operation is straightforward, and with full control of saw downfeed speed, downfeed pressure, and infinitely variable blade speeds.

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KMT H5-SA Semi-Automatic Band Saw


The blade guides are heavy carbide blocks with large diameter rollers to ease the sawblade through the guide assemblies.

Heavy steel welded & normalized sawframe construction ensures vibration free sawing in a variety of interrupted and solid materials. The sawframe carries a 6 degree canted head for easy cutting of structurals. All slideways are done on linear guides with recirculating ball bearings.

This machine is intended for production of structural, solid and difficult materials. The heavy construction, quality components, and advanced design yield vibration free sawing and extremely long blade life at high production rates. The machine columns and base are of single extremely heavy mono weldment construction, with linear guideways.

The coefficient of friction for a linear guideway is 1/50 of traditional methods. The recirculating balls utilized between the rails & the body provide stabilization in both up/down and left/right directions. Linear guideways are supplied with lube fittings for easy maintenance. This combination of solid construction and linear guideways provides frictionless vibration free travel.

The drive unit is a helical right angle double reduction gear reduction unit providing high efficiency (91%) output. Of course all gears and shafts are high quality material, hardened and ground, and the unit is sealed for life with high pressure synthetic oil.

Please call for more information about Kmt Automatic & Semi-Automatic Band Saw 1 (800) 286-3624

Capacity in round material 14″ (350mm)
Capacity in square material 12″ (300mm)
Rectangular capacity 12″ x 16″ (300 x 400mm)
Vise opening 20″
Blade speeds 60-330 sfpm
Blade width 1-1/4″ (34mm)
Blade length 13′ 11″
Blade guides Carbide with rollers
Vise Hydraulic
Blade drive 4 HP
Hydraulic Drive 2 HP
Coolant motor 1/4 HP
Weight 2,800 lb.

Please call for more information about Kmt Automatic & Semi-Automatic Band Saw 1 (800) 286-3624


Please call for more information about Kmt Automatic & Semi-Automatic Band Saw 1 (800) 286-3624

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