Peddinghaus Beam Drill Line PCD 1000 – BDL 1250

Peddinghaus Corporation has been the major manufacturer of beam drill line in the US market for the past 20 years, and has more experience in beam drilling lines for structural steel than any firm in the world market! Simplicity, machine design, and productivity have led the Peddinghaus drill lines to become the industry standard of structural steel fabricators throughout the world with over 1,000 installations worldwide.During the initial development of the Peddinghaus beam drill lines, Peddinghaus engineers focused on using simplicity to reduce or eliminate the nonproductive functions of conventional beam drill lines.

  • 30″ (760mm)
  • 40″ (1000mm)
  • 50″ (1250mm)
  • 78″ (2000mm)






Four different models of beam drill lines are available for drilling beams of the following widths:

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Peddinghaus Beam Drill Line PCD 1000 - BDL 1250


The “Smart Spindle Technology” design of the Peddinghaus beam drill lines features the unique ability to automatically sense the material contact and break through after drilling of each hole.

Some key Peddimat roller feed drive and measuring system advantages are:

  • Flexible material flow
  • Reduced maintenance
  • No loss of cycle time due to the requirement to clamp and un-clamp
  • Virtual instantaneous positioning of material
  • Length processing flexibility
  • Greater accuracy than systems with positioning or measuring wagons
  • Unparalleled productivity

Flexible Flow:
Since the Peddinghaus beam drill lines do not require a measuring carriage or wagon, the beam drill lines are not hampered by any obstructions on the infeed or outfeed conveyor. This means material can be loaded or unloaded from the End of the conveyor, Right side of the conveyor, and the Left side of the conveyor.

This provides for up to six different material flow possibilities for the loading and unloading of material through the beam drill line.

Reduced Maintenance:

Since all the material positioning and measuring is internal within the BDL beam drilling lines, the only moving parts used for positioning and measuring are the rolls within the Peddimat drive. It is not necessary to have a measuring carriage extending into the hostile shop environment complete with its trailing wire, cables, hoses, etc.

The BDL beam drilling lines incorporate roller clamps on both the horizontal and vertical planes. This design eliminates the need to clamp and UN-clamp the material between each positioning move in the length axi.

No Time Loss for Clamping and Un-clamping Between the Drilling of Holes:

Since the BDL beam drilling lines utilize the Peddimat Roller Feed Drive and measuring System, there is no time loss to accept the next section to be processed.

The conventional carriage system on competitive products must be returned to the start position (up to 80 feet or 25 meters) to accept the next section. As this is occurring, the Peddimat System has already started to process the next member.

PCD1000 Advantage
Maximum beam width 43.31″ 50″ 50″
Minimum beam width 3″ 3″ 3″
Number of drill spindles 3 3 3
Tool Holder #4 Morse taper with thru the tool coolant
Spindle horse power 13.5 Dual range hydraulic motor 10 HP 15 HP
Spindle speed 0-900 RPM 0-900 RPM 0-900 RPM
Drill rapid feed 192 ipm 240 ipm 240 ipm
Variable feeds 2-10 IPM 1-12 IPM 1-12 IPM
Maximum hole size 1-9/16″ 1-9/16″ 1-9/16″

The software of the BDL-1250 beam drill, for example, recalls the exact start position of the last hole that was drilled and retracts only 1?2″ (12 mm) further. This spindle optimization reduces the cycle time to the minimum. This is one of several features that make the Peddinghaus drills the fastest in the world!

The BDL-1250/9 CNC Beam Drill Line incorporates a 3-spindle drill head for each flange and the web. There is no time lost for a tool change on the BDL-1250/9 from Peddinghaus.

The BDL-1250 Beam Drill Lines feature a patent pending design with an overhead support system for the drill structure. This unique patented design gives the operator total free access to enter the drill area to perform drill changes and general house cleaning. It also keeps drill chips from resting on machined ways.

The simplicity of the new
BDL beam drilling lines and their Windows based Peddimat programming system
makes the Peddinghaus
beam drill lines the most productive and cost effective solution in the market today!


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