Standard Press Brakes

Over the past 40 years the people of Standard Industrial have overwhelmed their customers and their competition by the uncompromising rigidity of Standard Press Brakes. This rigidity coupled with simplicity and trouble free operation has made Standard one of the top selling American made press brake manufacturers in the world.

Standard offers from a base machine to a unit with up to 6 axis CNC control including X, Y, R, X1 & X2 and Z1 & Z2. Add to this tooling and accessories from such fine manufacturers like Wila and there is no doubt that you will have the best brake the U.S. has to offer.

With full tonnage throughout the stroke and more importantly throughout the entire length of the bed and ram the Standard Industrial brake has a repeatability advantage over most dual cylinder brakes. Direct dual cylinder brakes require complicated hydraulic and electrical systems to balance their tonnage and they require a vast amount of labor and parts as the machines age. Typically the customer is forced to pay exorbitant prices for the parts and labor that they can only get from the manufacturer. Standard manufactures its products with parts their customers can get parts from local suppliers and the simplicity of the equipment requires only the most basic trouble shooting.

The hydraulic/mechanical system used by Standard is certainly a superior concept as evident by the number of manufacturers currently offering similar products. However, Standard has more experience in years and thousands of products designed and manufactured than any in the business.

The design experience is reflected in the size and type of bearings and shafts as well as the technical capability to design a bellcrank system that does not have excessive side loads. All forces are vertical above the ram centerline and are contained in the "box" structure that houses the drive system and ram guides. The ram of the press brake is guided by heavy duty slides as used in straight side presses. These slides are located both front and back of each end of the ram and are clearly superior to the small rear mounted guides found on other press brakes.

All press brakes require guides to contain end movement of the ram. Other manufacturers use tiny segmented guides incorporated in the main ram guides. The Standard design is to provide a heavy duty, self aligning system at the rear center of the ram and located inside the press frame. This system requires no operator action when the ram level is adjusted.

All Standard Industrial press brakes are stringently designed to meet O.S.H.A and ANSI B11.3 standards as well come complete with J.I.C. type and U.L. listed electrical components

We offer the following Standard Hydraulic Press Brakes:

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Standard Press Brakes

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