Amada Band Saw HFA400W

The Horizontal NC Controlled Full Automatic Metal Cutting Band Saw by Amada.

Fully automatic band saws with very accurate material indexing controlled by NC-positioning.

Cutting Capacity, Round (Diameter): 0.5″ – 16″

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Amada Band Saw HFA400W

  • Blade Deviation Monitor
  • Auto Trim Cut
  • Blade Deviation Monitor
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Full Stroke Vises
  • Motion Detector
  • NC Back Gauge
  • Pressure Flow Valve
  • Self Diagnostics
  • Variable Blade Speed Drive
  • Wheel Cover Limit Switch
Cutting Capacity – Round (diameter) 0.5″ – 16″ (13 – 420 mm)
Cutting Capcity – Rectangle (W x H) 16″ x 16″ (400 x 400 mm)
Work Load Capacity 5,511 lbs (2,500 kg)
Blade Dimensions 15′ x 0.050″ x 1-1/2″ (4570 x 1.3 x 41 mm)
Blade Speed 50-295 ft./min, 60Hz Stepless (15-90 m/min, 50/60Hz Stepless)
Tension Control Hydraulic
Vise Operation Type Front and Rear Vise
Blade Saw Motor 8 HP (5.5 kW)
Hydraulic Pump Motor 2 HP (1.5 kW)
Cutting Fluid Pump Motor 1/4 HP (0.18 kW)
Power Supply Voltage AC220±10%, 3 PH, 60 Hz (Or AC440V, 3PH, 60Hz)
Power Requirement 12.8 kVA
Cutting Fluid Tank Capcity 31.5 gal (120 Liters)
Cutting Fluid Pump Type Electric
Hydraulic Tank Capcity 10.5 gal (40 Liters)
Chip Disposal Chip Conveyor
Material Index Mechanism Shuttle Vise
Stroke 19.6″ (500 mm)
Machine Dimensions – Head Up Position 95.5″ x 106.3″ x 95.5″ (2426 x 2701 x 2425 mm)
Machine Dimensions – Head Down Position 90.0″ x 106.3″ x 62.4″ (2285 x 2701 x 1585 mm)
Table Height (Above Floor) 31.5″ (800 mm)
Machine Weight 4,851 lbs (2,200 kg)

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