Baileigh Programmable Tube Bender RDB-250

The RDB-250 tube bender from Baileigh Industrial is a great addition to any fabrication shop. Powered by 220 volt single phase power, The RDB-250 tube bender has enough power to bend up to 2-1/2″ tubing and 2″ Schedule 40 pipe, making it extremely useful for any chassis or handrail application.

Another nice feature of the RDB-250 is that it can bend to 180° in at a blistering speed of 9 seconds and can be programmed to bend up to 360 degrees in both left and right directions, great for solid rod applications when teamed up with a universal bend plate.

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Baileigh Programmable Tube Bender RDB-250

  • Computer programmable/touch-screen
  • Programmer holds 170 jobs with 10-bends per job
  • Can bend 360 degrees left or right (with optional tooling)
  • Six bending speeds
  • FAST – 9 seconds to 180 degrees
  • 9.0″ (229mm) maximum centerline radius
  • Accepts optional positioning table
  • Portable
Mild Steel Pipe (Schedule 40) 2.00″ — 60mm x 4mm
Aluminum Pipe (Schedule 40) 2.00″ — 60mm x 4mm
Stainless Steel Pipe (Schedule 40) 1.50″ — 48mm x 3mm
Mild Steel Round Tube (Wall) 2.50″ (.125) — 64mm x 3mm
Aluminum Round Tube (Wall) 2.50″ (.156) — 64mm x 4mm
Stainless Steel Round Tube (Wall) 2.375″ (.125) — 60mm x 3mm
Chromolly Round Tube (Wall) 2.00″ (.125) — 50mm x 3mm
Mild Steel Rod 1.25″ (32mm)
Mild Steel Square Tube (Wall) 2.00″ (.125) — 50mm x 3mm
Minimum OD ..25″ — 6mm
Maximum Speed to 180 Degrees 9 Sec.
Maximum Center Line Radius (CLR)* 9.00″ (229mm)
Minimum CLR .50″ (13mm)
Power Requirements 220V, 1Ph, 50Hz
Weight (lbs.) 610 (278 kg.)
Length 40.00″ (1016mm)
Width 32.00″ (813mm)
Height 43.00″ (1092mm)

Video of the Baileigh Programmable Tube Bender RDB-250:


Baileigh Rotary Positioning Table – IDX-10

What is the perfect complement to any computer controlled Baileigh Tube and Pipe Bender?  A Rotary Positioning Table, of course.

A Baileigh Industrial tube bender fitted with a rotary positioning table allows for accurate bends in varying planes, as well as consistent measurements between bends. Available for the RDB-250, 325, and 350-TS, the tables are available in lengths of 5, 10, 15, and 20′, there is a table perfect for any size shop.  Only have some jobs that would require the rotary indexing table, it can be attached or taken off of the bender with ease.

The table comes with an 8″ three jaw chuck with 2-1/2″ thru hole that allows for longer pieces of tubing than the table length. Chuck can handle up to 4-1/2″ OD. The minimum OD is 1/4″.  The table has a linear indicator strip so the operator can set up accurate distances between bends. Mechanical stops can be positioned for the start of each bend. Using the mechanical stops is very beneficial for repeatability on bigger production runs.  Another nice feature of the table is that the positioning carriage rolls on a precision V block rail and rides the rail using V-block bearings.  These bearings are placed on eccentric shafts, which allows for tolerance adjustment allowing the most accurate results.

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