Baykal APH Conventional Press Brake

The APH Conventional Press Brake is the solution for those seeking a very simple hydraulic press brake and do not require the features of a synchronized press brake. The APH Press Brake is a very reliable press brake and should be considered when looking for an economical way to bend your parts.

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Baykal APH Conventional Press Brake

  • Simple hydraulic down-acting press brake
  • Low maintenance hydraulic manifold design
  • Rigid welded monoblock steel frame for minimum deflection under load
  • Patented system for exact parallelism and high repeatability
  • Proven solid torsion bar linkage technology for ram parallelism
  • Ram stroke controlled by precision mechanical stops built into each cylinder and electrically adjusted by push button with a digital position display
  • 2 Axis programmable back gauge control with 200 steps
  • Independent position control of one cylinder stop to provide fine angle adjustment and/or conical bending possibilities
  • Large stroke and open heights to provide maximum bending flexibility
  • Hydraulic overload protection
  • Pressure switch and gauge to regulate bending tonnage easily
  • All European hydraulics and electrical components
  • Pre-Set two speed bending cycle providing fast approach, slow bending, and fast return
  • Repeatability of +/- .001 under load
  • Three function footswitch with emergency stop
  • Front Operated 30 inch ball screw driven back gauge with two finger stops with micro-adjustable height
  • Baykal Mechanical Crowning System
  • Two laterally adjustable support arms
  • Starter Tool Package consisting of an upper segmented punch and a lower multi-vee die
  • Universal Wedge Punch Clamp System for American or European tool styles
  • Simple pendent control for operating the press brake with an optional NC control for operating Y (stroke depth) and X (back gauge dimension)

Capacity Range

  • Bending Tonnage: 44 tons to 330 tons
  • Bending Length: 4 feet to 14 feet

Please call for specifications of the Baykal APH Conventional Press Brake 1 (800) 286-3624


Please call for more information on the Baykal APH Conventional Press Brake 1 (800) 286-3624

  • Manual lubrication
  • Filler block
  • Wila manual crown system
  • Lasersafe or AKAS safety guard

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