Baykal MGH Hydraulic Beam Shear

The MGH Hydraulic Shear is a heavy duty hydraulic swing beam design shear for those who want to have a simple heavy duty shear with all of the required features.

Shearing Capacity: 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch (65.000 PSI Tensile Strength)

Shearing Length: 10 foot and 13 foot

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Baykal MGH Hydraulic Beam Shear

  • Heavy duty all welded design providing maximum rigidity and cutting accuracy
  • Elgo controller for easy programming of the the backgauge position and keeping stroke counts. This can be used as a ?GO TO? function or you can program an entire sheet with separate cuts
  • Swinging top beam on a fixed rake angle on high precision and self-aligning roller bearings
  • 40 inch power backgauge which is ballscrew driven and has a swing up function
  • Full hydraulic holddown system
  • Throat gap of 9.8 inches for slitting functions
  • Manual blade gap adjustment system
  • Shadow line cutting
  • Digital Stroke counter
  • Large capacity of holddowns for maximum holding strength
  • Rear safety guarding to prevent access to the back of the shear during operation
  • Two flat support arms 40 inch in length
  • Work table with filler plates, hand slots, and ball transfers
  • Backgauge retract function
  • Laser Front finger guarding and throat guard
  • Squaring arm of 40 inches with scale, t-slot, and flip stop
  • Compact low maintenance hydraulics located above the oil tank
  • Foot pedal operation with emergency stop
  • Emergency stops on pendant control, foot pedal, and machine front for 3 total
  • Adjustable stroke length for short strokes giving full flexible cutting

Please call for specifications of the Baykal Hydraulic Beam Shear 1 (800) 286-3624


Please call for more information on the Baykal Hydraulic Beam Shear 1 (800) 286-3624

  • Squaring arms of 10 foot or longer
  • Manual lubrication
  • Powered blade gap adjustment
  • Angle gauge for trapezoid cutting
  • Pneumatic rear sheet support system

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