Baykal APHS Compact Servo Hydraulic Press Brake

The compact design of the AHPS Compact Servo Hydraulic Press Brake is the perfect solution for those seeking a competitive priced Servo Hydraulic Press Brake. The APHS Compact has up to a four axis capability plus the ability to have CNC crowning as an option. The APHS Compact Press Brake standard models can handle 44 Tons to 330 Tons and lengths from 4 feet to 14 feet. This Model is loaded with standard features like a 16″ throat depth, 39″ backgauge range, support arms on linear guides and even a starter tooling package, to only mention a few. Almost all manufacturers only offer these as options.

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Baykal APHS Compact Servo Hydraulic Press Brake

  • Ram repeatability of +/- .0004
  • Downstroke synchronized cylinders which are fully supported in low friction slideways and roller gibs
  • Rigid welded monoblock steel frame for minimum deflection under load
  • Full electronic synchronization with proportional valve technology
  • One piece forged cylinders precision machined and honed for accuracy
  • Universal Wedge Punch Clamp System for American or European tool styles
  • Maximum bend accuracy and repeatability assured through constant monitoring and correction of beam parallelism by the CNC system
  • Precision CNC controlled X axis back gauge precision ball screw driven with AC servo motor providing high speed and accuracy (optional XR back gauge available)
  • Two slotted support arms on linear guides for easy positioning
  • Stroke depth measured by high precision GVI Misure linear scales which are bed referenced
  • Cartridge valves mounted in a single steel manifold to reduce heat and wear
  • Standard Baykal Mechanical Crowning System
  • Compact Electrical cabinet with ventilation
  • Dual Footswitch with Emergency stop
  • All European hydraulics and electrical components
  • Starter Tool Package consisting of an upper segmented precision ground punch and a lower 6 way multi-vee die
  • Large stroke and open heights to provice maximum bending flexibility
  • Simple 2D ESA 530 graphic programming control
  • Off-Line Programming software is included
  • Electonically Interlocked swing away throat guards with space for mounting most brands of light curtains
  • Electrically interlocked rear sliding door prevents access to the back of the machine during operation
  • All Compact machines come with a variety of options for crowning, XR back gauge, hydraulic tool clamping, and safety guarding

CNC System


  • 2D ESA 530 4 Axis controller for programming the Y1, Y2, X, and optional R axis
  • Memory port for memory stick
  • Silicon hard disk for more than 7,000 part programs
  • 2D Graphic editor for tool data entry
  • Calculation for optional CNC crowning system
  • Safety PLC communications (PILZ, LAZERSAFE)
  • Complete off-line programming software for a standard PC

X-axes backgauge:


  • Traveling on precision ballscrews
  • AC-servo driven
  • With 2 micrometric finger-stops which have lateral adjustment
  • Range: 39.3?
  • Speed: 780?/min
  • Positioning accuracy: +-.001″

X-R axes backgauge:


  • Traveling on precision ball screws
  • AC-servo driven
  • With 2 micrometric finger-stops which have lateral adjustment
  • Range: X-axis: 39.3? | R-axis: 6.3?
  • Speed: X-axis: 826?/min | R-axis: 567?/min
  • Positioning Accuracy: X-axis: +/- .001? | R-axis: +/- .002?

Please call for specifications of the Baykal Hydraulic Press Brake 1 (800) 286-3624


Please call for more information on the Baykal Hydraulic Press Brake 1 (800) 286-3624

  • CNC Crowning
  • AKAS Laser Safety System
  • Hydraulic Clamping
  • XR Backgauging System

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