Hydmech VCS-18 Vertical Contour Band Saw

Heavy-duty, vertical contour-style saws are multi-purpose to cut a large range of materials – from steel to aluminum, to wood, plastics, rubber, and everything in between! These versatile machines are designed with the flexibility to cut tight radius sections or larger cut-off sections.

HYDMECH features the following VCS series, vertical contour band saws in our product line-up: VCS-18, VCS-24, VCS-36, and VCS-36HD. The VCS models are manual vertical column contour band saws with variable frequency drive.

Throat ranges from 18″ – 36″, work heights from 12″ – 20″, 3 – 15 HP motor, and the ability to utilize blades from 1/18″ to 1″, the HYDMECH VCS Series machines are the ideal choice for all you vertical contour cutting needs.
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Hydmech VCS-18 Vertical Contour Band Saw

  • Blade speed indicator
  • Work light
  • Quad range transmission
  • Inverter drive control
  • Dynamic braking
  • Wheels with crowned rubber tires
  • Tilting cast table – 10° L / 45° R
  • One set of single piece guide blocks
  • One set of steel guide inserts for 3/8″, and 1/2″ blades
Capacity Throat – band to column: 18″
Maximum Work Height: 12″
Blade Dimensions 1/18″ to 1″ x 150″
Blade Drive 3 HP VFD
Blade Speed 40-5,000 sfm
Table Dimensions 24″ x 28″
Machine Weight 1,510 lbs
Machine Dimensions 45″ W
43″ L
75″ H

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  • Fused disconnect
  • Air blower
  • Rip fence
  • Air/Hyd power feed
  • Mitering attachment
  • Band mist lubricator
  • Portable blade welder w/grinder
  • Stand and casters for welder
  • Extended work height

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