Baileigh Hydraulic Tube Bender RDB-125

Have a manual bender and want to step up to a hydraulic unit to increase productivity and relieve strain on your body, well the RDB-125 rotary draw bender is just what the doctor ordered. This hydraulic bender is designed to work with all Baileigh Industrial “drop on” tool sets and constructed of only the best materials.

The RDB-125 operates much like the machine it was based from, the RDB-100, but it incorporates a hydraulic system to turn the ratchet plate and do the actual bending. Requiring only 110 volts to power it, this pipe bender uses powerful low pressure industrial grade hydraulics making it quiet, quick, and very safe to use even when bending at full capacity.

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Baileigh Hydraulic Tube Bender RDB-125

  • Low pressure industrial grade hydraulic system
  • Uses standard Baileigh Industrial drop on die sets for fast tooling changes
  • Replaceable bronze bushings at all pivot points with grease zerks
  • Anti-spring back mechanism included
  • Integrated degree dial with bend indicator included
  • Infinite tooling possibilities
Mild Steel Pipe (Schedule 40) 2.00″ — 60mm x 4mm
Aluminum Pipe (Schedule 40) 2.00″ — 60mm x 4mm
Stainless Steel Pipe (Schedule 40) 1.50″ — 48mm x 3mm
Mild Steel Round Tube (Wall) 2.50″ (.125) — 64mm x 3mm
Aluminum Round Tube (Wall) 2.50″ (.156) — 64mm x 4mm
Stainless Steel Round Tube (Wall) 2.375″ (.125) — 60mm x 3mm
Chromolly Round Tube (Wall) 2.00″ (.125) — 50mm x 3mm
Mild Steel Rod 1.25″ (32mm)
Mild Steel Square Tube (Wall) 2.00″ (.125) — 50mm x 3mm
Minimum OD ..25″ — 6mm
Maximum Speed to 180 Degrees N/A
Maximum Center Line Radius (CLR)* 10.50″ (267mm)
Minimum CLR .50″ (13mm)
Power Requirements 110V — 220V, 1Ph, 50Hz
Weight (lbs.) 350 (160 kg.)
Length 42.00″ (1067mm)
Width 22.00″ (560mm)
Height 42.00″ (1067mm)

Video of the Baileigh Hydraulic Tube Bender RDB-125:


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