Australian fabricator creates magic with the Avenger PLUS

Australian fabricator creates magic with the Avenger PLUS


Jarrod Slatter, the project manager at Coasteel Engineering in Australia, showed us all just how much power there is contained within the latest Ocean Avenger PLUS multifunction machine.


Jarrod was tasked with the project of improving an architectural component that they fabricate from HSS steel on a regular basis.

With a little math, some creative programming, a bit of trial and error, and the legendary milling power of the Avenger PLUS, Jarrod and the team at Coasteel were able to successfully create a joint that reduced the number of inches their welders need to perform, which in turn means less heat, less time and lower cost of fabrication, and a more aesthetic final product overall! TOTAL WIN!


Thank you for inspiring us all Jarrod, and keep on sharing your creative work. We look forward to seeing what you will come up with next.

And to all our fabricating customers, share with us what you have been doing lately – we would love to showcase your work!

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